Welcome to my Cozy Studio!

Writing this blog feels incredibly nostalgic!

Even just getting these images ready, my mind is sifting through all of my past studios I was a part of. I vividly remember when a close photographer friend and I rented out a unique space on the 3rd floor of what looked like a vintage dance studio. I remember many days of hauling our things up and down those flights of stairs hauling backdrops, chairs, and props.

Soon after, her and I created our DREAM studio that was built exactly how we specified. Ah, I loved that studio so incredibly much!

Years later, I moved to a multipurpose space inside of a business that my in-laws owned. It was spacious and quirky and did it's job!

Lastly, the pandemic hit and we moved my studio to this cozier space. I've been here for over a year and I'm so happy with how this space functions just how I need it. Let me show you around!

  • I LOVE that clients can see all the fun colors and props that we can use in their session.
  • I LOVE how everything flows for sessions in here.
  • I LOVE that everything is within reach (including some rolling carts that aren't pictured).
  • I LOVE that everything inside can serve multiple purposes and be used for many different ages.

Probably my favorite thing about my studio, are these LOVELY white floors! I've dreamed of painted white floors in all of my spaces, but it never worked out. These are just loose lay boards that are actually stained on the opposite side so that they can be flipped over and used that way as well.

This next month I'm adding some additional seamless backdrops I just found from Newborn Nerds for newborns to adults. I LOVE LOVE LOVE their colors and am eyeing up swamp. silo, toasted, mae berry, ice bunny, blackhawk and cloud!

I love that this space is so versatile!

I hope you enjoyed a peek into the studio!