...And then there were 4 girls!

Meet Taylee!

I remember it like yesterday when I first met Hillary when she was pregnant with their oldest. I was overjoyed when I met their second and again when I met their 3rd. This Spring I was thrilled to get the call that there was going to be another baby entering their family!

They have four of the absolute sweetest girls! I don't typically do individual photos of siblings during a newborn session, but they were ready and I already had the pink backdrop out. You'll have to scroll down and see how sweet and full of personality each are.

This backdrop from The Newborn Nerds arrived just in time and I was thrilled to be able to use it for a quick image of each of the girls! The color is called Mae Berry and it's the sweetest pink with the slightest hint of lavendar.

I can picture each of these in a large 20" by 30" frame showcased in their home! I may be ahead of myself, but I think we should update Taylee's photo when she's one with a similar orientation to forever live on their walls!

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